Unlocking potential.

Throughout their time at our school, we prioritise close and continual assessment to ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach and surpass their potential. This dedicated approach allows us to consistently monitor and support their progress, enabling them to thrive academically and personally. Find out more about how we prepare pupils for 11+ Examinations here.

Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in the outstanding results our students achieve in standardised tests each year, surpassing national averages. These impressive outcomes have paved the way for many of our pupils to secure their first-choice placements in esteemed senior schools, including prestigious Independent Schools and Grammar Schools.

Leavers' Destinations

However, not everything is about academic success and at Gidea Park we celebrate and recognise the importance of cultivating creativity and imagination. Music and the Arts are seamlessly integrated into our daily curriculum, allowing our students to explore their artistic talents. LAMDA is available to all and our pupils consistently achieve fantastic results. We value physical fitness and engage our students in a diverse range of sports activities, including both team sports like football and netball, as well as individual club events such as Karate.

With a wide array of opportunities and a strong focus on personalized support and pastoral care, our students flourish leaving us as happy, curious and proud individuals.

Beyond the Classroom

Responsibility and Leadership

The Gidea Park approach believes in nurturing the holistic development of our pupils. We assign two Year 6 prefects to each class up to Year 5, fostering mentorship and guidance among the younger children as they progress through their Prep School years. As they advance, our pupils gradually assume more responsibilities, culminating in Year 6, where they emerge as confident and capable individuals, eagerly prepared to embark on their chosen path to senior school.

Part of ILG

Being a part of the Inspired Learning Group has provided our pupils with remarkable opportunities to participate in choral concerts, as well as sports competitions at world class facilities.

Trips and Extracurricular activities

Years 3 – 6 embark on some exciting day and residential trips. Whilst in school we ensure there are plenty of opportunities for them to try new things.

Explore Clubs

After School clubs, which cater for different year groups throughout the week, usually run from 3.30 to 4.30 pm and there is no additional charge unless otherwise stated. Pupils can choose from a long list including choir, Lego, karate, sports, music and foreign languages, art and drama.

What our community says...

All my teachers have supported me throughout my journey at Gidea Park.
Year 6 Leaver
The change in management and leadership has led to noticeable changes that are benefiting all the children and parents in such a short amount of time. I am sad that we won't be at the school long enough to see the new changes come to fruition but have no doubt that it will be the school of choice for many more generations to come.
Key Stage 2 Parent
My children were always been taught respect and family values at Gidea Park.
Past Parent
I have 2 children at the school and they have enjoyed being part of a small, caring school where they know everyone and have a strong sense of community.
Key Stage 2 Parent

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