Joining Gidea Park

The joining process at Gidea Park Prep begins with an initial enquiry, where prospective parents express their interest in the school. Following this, a tour of the school is arranged, led by our Form 6 pupils. During the tour, parents meet the headmaster, allowing them to ask questions and gain further insights into the school's values and educational approach.

A registration form is required to formally register a child at Gidea Park. Once the registration is complete, a taster day is organised for the child, allowing them to experience a typical day at Gidea Park Prep School. This hands-on experience helps the child become familiar with the school environment and engage with their potential peers, making that first day at a new school a little easier. Nursery pupils are invited to spend an hour or so with us as a taster session rather than a full day.

Following the taster day, the school evaluates the child's suitability. We are a non-selective school and entry criteria are based on a child's ability to cope with the pace of work in the school and their social interaction with their peers. If this taster day is successful the school will then make a formal offer of a place, this includes details regarding the start date, any specific requirements, and instructions on completing the enrolment process. Through our joining process, we hope parents and pupils feel informed, welcomed, and confident as they become part of the Gidea Park Prep School community.

If you have any questions relating to admissions at Gidea Park Prep please use the form below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

2024 Reception Places at Gidea Park Prep School

Due to unprecedented interest we are opening a second reception class, please do get in touch to book an individual tour.

Admissions at a glance...

Initial Enquiry

Individual Tour

Registration Form

First Day

Offer of a Place

Taster Day

International Admissions

To enrol at our school, students must hold the appropriate immigration status. Enrolment is not possible for students with an incorrect visa within the UK. For more information about please head to this page here.