Welcome to Gidea Park Nursery

The nursery is a small, friendly setting where highly experienced staff get to know each child in their care. Communication with parents is very important to us and we keep parents informed of children's day-to-day activities and progress.

The nursery is open 51 weeks a year.

The nursery is an integral part of the whole school and our older pupils frequently interact and play with the nursery children throughout the day.

We also place a significant emphasis on academic development and the preparation for Reception. Our aim is for the children to move to reception with embedded skills and knowledge that will allow them to achieve at a high level as they move through the school. Their journey to academic success starts in the nursery.

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Transitioning to School

We ensure a smooth transition for children from the Nursery to Reception. To facilitate this transition, our Reception room is conveniently located next door to the Pre-School, with an intervening door. This physical proximity allows for easy access and familiarity between the Pre-School and Reception pupils enabling children to explore and experience the Reception room environment, fostering a sense of familiarity and readiness for their move.

We also emphasise the significance of having a crossover of staff between the Pre-School and Reception. This ensures that there is continuity in care and support, as well as familiarity with individual children's needs and preferences. More information about the process can be found below.

Joining Gidea Park Prep School

Parents can have peace of mind knowing that Pre-School pupils are guaranteed a place in Reception if we can continue to meet their needs. This commitment underscores our dedication to providing a seamless educational journey for our littlest learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Opening Hours

To accommodate parents' needs, we offer flexible opening hours. Our nursery is open from 8 am to 6 pm, allowing working parents to drop off and pick up their child conveniently.

Term Dates

Our nursery remains open throughout the year, apart from public holidays, providing continuous care and support.

Food and Nutrition

At Gidea Park we are lucky to have a fantastic catering team who provide nutritiously balanced and delicious meals for our littlest pupils all year round. We offer breakfast, lunch and tea.

Settling In

Once a place is offered, following a taster session, we provide as many settles as the child and parents need. This enables a smooth transition and ensures that both the child and parents feel comfortable and confident in their new environment.

Current Parent Reviews

Our daughter has already enjoyed Spanish lessons, music lessons (both taught by subject specialist teachers), a visiting drama workshop, meeting the school pet and a field trip; exploring the area around the school. The preschool children sometimes mix with the under three (baby room) class and some activities are combined with the reception class - both excellent experiences for her social and emotional development and preparing her for reception in 2024.
Early Years Parent
We would like to say how happy we have been with her progress at Gidea Park Nursery. The care has been fantastic and the staff have been incredibly supportive in Esha’s development. Thank you
Nursery Parent
We are four weeks into our daughter's time at this warm and nurturing preschool. She had never attended a daycare environment before and within six days was happy to be running into school. The other children were kind and welcoming and the staff were very friendly and supportive. Pastoral care has been great so far, with the flexibility (my daughter went into the baby room for a nap one day when feeling particularly tired) and kindness (also extended towards our eldest child who likes to come in and explore at collection time).
Early Years Parent
Amazing staff with so much heart and a caring mindset. It's wonderful seeing our daughter get excited about going to daycare here. The teachers really make an effort to engage the kids and develop them in a very individualised way. The management are really committed to providing a safe, fun and loving environment and we are very thankful to the whole team!
Early Years Parent
My daughter loves her nursery and is excited to attend each day. The staff are lovely and caring and work hard with the children to develop their skills and learning. The nursery staff try to identify opportunities for additional learning when children display an aptitude for it which is fantastic as it keeps children engaged and challenged. The nursery and pre-school rooms have recently been refurbished and the school is investing resources in improving the facilities. Overall we are happy with Gidea Park Prep Nursery and are delighted to see our daughter thriving in the environment and around her peers and teachers.
Early Years Parent

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